Companies Largest Order!

School Laboratory Chemicals Kits for Uganda.

Avonchem has recently supplied its largest ever, single order received to the Ministry of Education in Uganda.

The order was won by one of Avonchem’s European Distributors for the supply of over 1,200 kits for schools in the Kampala region of Uganda.

The kits were made up of 4 separate cartons and included all chemicals and reagents required to operate chemistry teaching laboratories in secondary schools.

The order was won against stiff competition from other worldwide suppliers of school laboratory chemicals suppliers, and being the major supplier of these products in the UK and Ireland helped to secure the order.

One of the key aspects of the project was the ability to supply the reagents in complete kits, as opposed to the standard way of shipping chemical bottles in bulk, thus enabling them to be delivered immediately to some 300 separate schools in Uganda, without the requirement to allocate and deliver them after arrival at the central stores of the Ministry of Education.

Avonchem is keen to expand this type of project work, and hopes for additional business to come from the Ugandan Ministry of Education in the future.

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