NEW PRODUCT – Urine testing for Microalbumin & Creatinine

Urine testing for Microalbumin & Creatinine
Using Rapid Urine Dip test Strips

We now have available rapid test strips (results in 60 seconds), to measure the Microalbumin and Creatinine concentration in fresh or random urine samples. Results also provide the “Microalbumin-to-Creatinine ratio”, providing important Clinical information

The Strips are available in various formats. As a 2, 12 or 13 –parameter strip. (The other 10 and 11 parameters tested for are shown on the technical data sheet)

Adverse quantities of Microalbumin in urine, are important indicators of problems, and help to prevent or reduce the following health risks;

- Early indication of Kidney disease
- Pre-Proteinuria (high level Kidney disease) indication for Diabetic patients
- Cardiovascular disease risks
- Pregnant Diabetics related risks

These strips are more sensitive and give more specific results than general Protein test strips. In addition, a 24 hour urine sample collection is not required.

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