Blood Grouping products

A complete range of every test needed to group blood. Over 150 products currently available.

BG-981010ABO Preservacell10 ml
BG-981500ABO Preservacell500 ml
BG-600000Anti-A (monoclonal) 1000 ml
BG-600010Anti-A (monoclonal) 10 ml
BG-620000Anti-A,B (monoclonal) 1000 ml
BG-620010Anti-A,B (monoclonal) 10 ml
BG-116000Anti-A1 Lectin1000 ml
BG-116005Anti-A1 Lectin5 ml
BG-610010Anti-B (monoclonal) 10 ml
BG-610000Anti-B (monocolonal) 1000 ml
BG-690000Anti-C (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-690005Anti-C (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-692000Anti-c (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-692005Anti-c (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-212000Anti-C Slide (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-212005Anti-C Slide (from plasma)5 ml
BG-214000Anti-c Slide (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-214005Anti-c Slide (from plasma)5 ml
BG-700000Anti-C+D+E (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-700005Anti-C+D+E (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-700010Anti-C+D+E (monoclonal)10 ml
BG-216000Anti-Cw Slide (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-216002Anti-Cw Slide (from plasma)2 ml
BG-730000Anti-D Clone 1 (monoclonal IgM)1000 ml
BG-730010Anti-D Clone 1 (monoclonal IgM)10 ml
BG-710000Anti-D Clone 2 (monoclonal IgM)1000 ml
BG-710010Anti-D Clone 2 (monoclonal IgM)10 ml
BG-740000Anti-D Duoclone (blend)1000 ml
BG-740010Anti-D Duoclone (blend)10 ml
BG-740010Anti-D Duoclone (blend) Double Strength10 ml
BG-211000Anti-D IgG Monoclonal1000 ml
BG-211010Anti-D IgG Monoclonal10 ml
BG-691000Anti-E (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-691005Anti-E (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-693000Anti-e (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-693005Anti-e (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-213000Anti-E Slide (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-213005Anti-E Slide (from plasma)5 ml
BG-215000Anti-e Slide (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-215005Anti-e Slide (from plasma)5 ml
BG-316000Anti-Fya (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-316002Anti-Fya (from plasma)2 ml
BG-317000Anti-Fyb (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-317002Anti-Fyb (from plasma)2 ml
BG-115000Anti-H Lectin1000 ml
BG-115002Anti-H Lectin2 ml
BG-401000Anti-IgG (Clear)1000 ml
BG-401010Anti-IgG (Clear)10 ml
BG-402000Anti-IgG (Green)1000 ml
BG-402010Anti-IgG (Green)10 ml
BG-323000Anti-Jka (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-323002Anti-Jka (from plasma)2 ml
BG-324000Anti-Jkb (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-324002Anti-Jkb (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-319000Anti-K (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-319005Anti-K (from plasma)5 ml
BG-319010Anti-K (from plasma)10 ml
BG-320000Anti-k (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-320002Anti-k (from plasma)2 ml
BG-760000Anti-Kell (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-760005Anti-Kell (monoclonal)5 ml
BG-760010Anti-Kell (monoclonal)10 ml
BG-321000Anti-Kpa (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-321002Anti-Kpa (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-322000Anti-Kpb (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-322002Anti-Kpb (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-630000Anti-Lea (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-630002Anti-Lea (monoclonal)2 ml
BG-631000Anti-Leb (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-631002Anti-Leb (monoclonal)2 ml
BG-330000Anti-Lua (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-330002Anti-Lua (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-331000Anti-Lub (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-331002Anti-Lub (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-311000Anti-M saline (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-311002Anti-M saline (from plasma)2 ml
BG-312000Anti-N Lectin1000 ml
BG-312002Anti-N Lectin2 ml
BG-315000Anti-P1 (monoclonal)1000 ml
BG-315002Anti-P1 (monoclonal)2 ml
BG-313000Anti-S (diluted from serum)1000 ml
BG-313002Anti-S (diluted from serum)2 ml
BG-314000Anti-s (from plasma)1000 ml
BG-314002Anti-s (from plasma)2 ml
BG-451000Bovine Albumin 22%1000 ml
BG-451010Bovine Albumin 22%10 ml
BG-451050Bovine Albumin 22%50 ml
BG-451500Bovine Albumin 22%500 ml
BG-452000Bovine Albumin 30%1000 ml
BG-452010Bovine Albumin 30%10 ml
BG-452050Bovine Albumin 30%50 ml
BG-452500Bovine Albumin 30%500 ml
BG-881025BRIGHTON' Slidestak25 Boxes
BG-443000Bromelite1000 ml
BG-443010Bromelite10 ml
BG-490025Buffered Saline Tabletstray of 25
BG-970010Coombs Control Cells10 ml
BG-882025ESSEX' Blockfiles25 Boxes
BG-960050Identicells10 x 5 ml
BG-110000Inert AB Serum1000 ml
BG-110010Inert AB Serum10 ml
BG-990000L.I.S.Preservacell1000 ml
BG-990050L.I.S.Preservacell50 ml
BG-990500L.I.S.Preservacell500 ml
BG-990550L.I.S.Preservacell5x50 ml
BG-460025L.I.S.S. Concentrate2500 ml
BG-460500L.I.S.S. Concentrate500 ml
BG-470020L.I.S.S. Ready for use20x250 ml
BG-470025L.I.S.S. Ready for use2500 ml
BG-470250L.I.S.S. Ready for use4x250 ml
BG-480010L.I.S.S.-ADD10 ml
BG-950030Maxi-Screen 33 x 10 ml
BG-950020Mini-Screen 22 x 10 ml
BG-427000Monoclona Anti-human C3d1000 ml
BG-427002Monoclona Anti-human C3d2 ml
BG-425000Monospecific Anti-human C31000 ml
BG-425002Monospecific Anti-human C32 ml
BG-426000Monospecific Anti-human C41000 ml
BG-426002Monospecific Anti-human C42 ml
BG-422000Monospecific Anti-human IgA1000 ml
BG-422002Monospecific Anti-human IgA2 ml
BG-420000Monospecific Anti-human IgG1000 ml
BG-420002Monospecific Anti-human IgG2 ml
BG-421000Monospecific Anti-human IgM1000 ml
BG-421002Monospecific Anti-human IgM2 ml
BG-650000Negative Control1000 ml
BG-650010Negative Control10 ml
BG-485010P.E.G.-ADD10 ml
BG-441000Papenzyme-plus1000 ml
BG-441010Papenzyme-plus10 ml
BG-453000Polymer Enhanced Bovine Albumin 22%1000 ml
BG-453010Polymer Enhanced Bovine Albumin 22%10 ml
BG-415000Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Clear)1000 ml
BG-415010Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Clear)10 ml
BG-415100Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Clear)5x20 ml
BG-435000Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Green)1000 ml
BG-435010Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Green)10 ml
BG-435100Polyspecific A.H.G. Elite (Green)5x20 ml
BG-209000Precise1000 ml
BG-209005Precise5 ml
BG-980000Preservacell1000 ml
BG-980010Preservacell10 ml
BG-980500Preservacell500 ml
BG-930110Red Cell elutekit
BG-910030Reverse Grouping A1+A2+B Cells2 x 10 ml
BG-910040Reverse Grouping A1+A2+B+O Cells2 x 10 ml
BG-910020Reverse Grouping A1+B Cells2 x 10 ml
BG-920002Reverse Grouping A2 Cells2 x 10 ml
BG-200000Rh Control Serum1000 ml
BG-200010Rh Control Serum10 ml
BG-875000Sickle-Check1x100 test
BG-875010Sickle-Check1x10 test
BG-875050Sickle-Check5x10 test
BG-875100Sickle-Check4x25 test