Plasma products

Cat.No.DescriptionPack Size
HSP-1001Normal Mixed Pool 500ml
HSP-1002Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 500ml
HSP-1003Group Specific (eg AB) 500ml
HSP-1004Group Specific Sexed 500ml
HSP-1005Post Menopausal* 500ml
HSP-1006Low Cortisol* 500ml
HSP-1001Normal Mixed Pool 1-5 L
HSP-1002Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 1-5 L
HSP-1003Group Specific (eg AB) 1-5 L
HSP-1004Group Specific Sexed 1-5 L
HSP-1005Post Menopausal* 1-5 L
HSP-1006Low Cortisol* 1-5 L
HSP-1001Normal Mixed Pool 6-50 L
HSP-1002Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 6-50 L
HSP-1003Group Specific (eg AB) 6-50 L
HSP-1004Group Specific Sexed 6-50 L
HSP-1005Post Menopausal* 6-50 L
HSP-1006Low Cortisol* 6-50 L
HSP-1010Normal Mixed Pool 500ml
HSP-1011Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 500ml
HSP-1012Group Specific (eg AB) 500ml
HSP-1013Heparinised Plasma 500ml
HSP-1010Normal Mixed Pool 1-5 L
HSP-1011Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 1-5 L
HSP-1012Group Specific (eg AB) 1-5 L
HSP-1013Heparinised Plasma 1-5 L
HSP-1010Normal Mixed Pool 6-50 L
HSP-1011Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 6-50 L
HSP-1012Group Specific (eg AB) 6-50 L
HSP-1013Heparinised Plasma 6-50 L
HSP-1020Stabilised 500ml
HSP-1021Stabilised - Delipidated 500ml
HSP-1022T3/T4 Stripped 500ml
HSP-1023Steroid Stripped 500ml
HSP-1030Normal Mixed Pool 100ml
HSP-1031Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 100ml
HSP-1032Group Specific (eg AB) 100ml
HSP-1033Group Specific Sexed 100ml
HSP-1034Post Menopausal* 100ml
HSP-1035Low Cortisol* 100ml
HSP-1030Normal Mixed Pool 500ml
HSP-1031Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 500ml
HSP-1032Group Specific (eg AB) 500ml
HSP-1033Group Specific Sexed 500ml
HSP-1034Post Menopausal* 500ml
HSP-1035Low Cortisol* 500ml
HSP-1040Normal Mixed Pool 100ml
HSP-1041Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool 100ml
HSP-1042Group Specific (eg AB) 100ml
HSP-1043Heparinised Plasma 100ml
HSP-1040Normal Mixed Pool500ml
HSP-1041Normal Sexed Female or Male Pool500ml
HSP-1042Group Specific (eg AB)500ml
HSP-1043Heparinised Plasma500ml
HSP-1050Stabilised 100ml
HSP-1051Stabilised - Delipidated 100ml
HSP-1052T3/T4 Stripped 100ml
HSP-1053Steroid Stripped 100ml
HSP-1051Stabilised - Delipidated500ml
HSP-1052T3/T4 Stripped500ml
HSP-1053Steroid Stripped500ml
ASP-1000Bovine (Adult) 500ml
ASP-1001Calf (Aseptic Donor) 100ml
ASP-1002Calf (Aseptic Donor) 500ml
ASP-1003Calf (Foetal)100ml
ASP-1004Calf (Newborn) - under 14 days old 100ml
ASP-1005Calf (Newborn) - under 14 days old 500ml
ASP-1006Chicken 100ml
ASP-1007Donkey 100ml
ASP-1008Goat 100ml
ASP-1009Goat 500ml
ASP-1010Guinea Pig 25ml
ASP-1011Guinea Pig 100ml
ASP-1012Horse (Defibrinated Blood) 100ml
ASP-1013Horse (Defibrinated Blood) 500ml
ASP-1014Horse (Natural Clot) 100ml
ASP-1015Horse (Natural Clot) 500ml
ASP-1016Sheep 100ml
ASP-1017Sheep 500ml
ASP-1018Mouse 5ml
ASP-1019Mouse 25ml
ASP-1020Pig 100ml
ASP-1021Pig 500ml
ASP-1022Pig - Immune inert serum for immunocytology 10ml
ASP-1023Rabbit 100ml
ASP-1024Rat 5ml
ASP-1025Rat 25ml
ASP-1030Chicken 100ml
ASP-1031Horse 500ml
ASP-1032Bovine 500ml
ASP-1033Sheep 500ml
ASP-1040Bovine 5g
ASP-1041Bovine 10g
ASP-1042Bovine 25g
ASP-1043Pig 1g
ASP-1044Pig 5g
ASP-1045Pig 10g
ASP-1046Sheep 1g
ASP-1047Sheep 5g
ASP-1048Sheep 10g
HAE-1000Single Usage Vials 10 x 1 Test
HAE-1001Bulk Usage for 100 Tests 4 x 25 Tests
HAE-1002Bulk Usage for 25 Tests 1 x 25 Tests
HAE-1003Medium Usage for 50 Tests 5 x 10 Tests
HAE-1010Hb-F Assay Kit (ICSH recommended technique) 20 Tests
HAE-1020Drabkin's Solution Neutral (50ml makes 2L) 10 x 50ml
HAE-1021Drabkin's Solution Alkaline (50ml makes 2L) 10 x 50ml
HAE-1022Haemoglobin Standards, 25ml (3, 11.5, 18g/dl) Pack of 6
HAE-1023Hayem's Red Cell Diluent 500ml
HAE-1024LISS 10 x Concentrate 500ml
HAE-1025LISS Ready to Use 500ml
HAE-1026LISS Ready to Use 1 L
HAE-1027Rees-Ecker Platelet Cell Diluent 500ml
HAE-1028Turk's White Cell Diluent 500ml
CCM-1000Ehrlich Reagent for Urobilinogen 500ml
CCM-1001Fouchet's Reagent for Bilirubin in Urine 500ml
CCM-1002Kovac's Reagent for Indole 100ml