Company Profile - January 2010

Avonchem Ltd - The UK's Leading Supply of Diagnostic test kits and Chemicals

Avonchem has established a strong reputation for the supply of Laboratory Chemicals to the Educational, Scientific and Pharmaceutical market over the past 40 years. Over 60% of our sales are exports.

Recent developments have resulted in the expansion of the Chemicals marketed and services provided (e.g. Culture Media, Cell Diagnostics, Stains, Dyes). A wide range of General Reagent (GRG) Analytical Reagent (AR) grade and Pharmaceutical (BP) grade Chemicals is available. We are specialist "blenders" of both liquids and powders.

Growth has been seen in the supply of Pharmaceutical chemicals and Toiletries, especially to Ministries of Health in Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Diagnostic test kits are the fastest growing sales products (Urine, Blood Glucose, DOA – in Saliva!, H.Pylori, STD′s, Fertility & Pregnancy, Infectious diseases, Swine Flu). We believe the range of test kits we supply is the largest in the UK.

Avonchem contract packs chemicals and chemical mixes for a large number of Industrial customers, from water treatment companies, instrument reagent manufacturers, to cosmetic suppliers. Every chemical hazard is handled.

Export of hazardous chemicals, including preparation of dangerous goods notes (DGN′s), is routine. Quotes are sent in MS-Excel format for ease of conversion.

Our philosophy is flexibility, packing chemicals into any bottle, drum or keg size required, from microgram/microlitre to Kilogram/Litre quantities. Private labelling facilities and bulk sales are also available.