COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits

We are the UK distributor for OnSite® Rapid Test Kits (from CTK Biotech)

  • The OnSite® COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test is used for the qualitative detection of new coronavirus nucleocapsid (N) antigen in human throat swab samples.
  • The test can be performed within 15 minutes onsite without the use of cumbersome laboratory equipment.
  • The test is intended to be used by healthcare professionals as an aid in the diagnosis of individuals who have an infection of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the virus which causes COVID-19 disease.
  • CTK Biotech develops and manufactures innovative immunodiagnostic tools and point of care diagnostic test kits, their products allow medical professionals to quickly and accurately diagnose disease and meet patient needs. For more information please look at their website.

Key Facts

  • Detects anti-SARS-CoV-2 antigen in 10-15 minutes
  • Nasopharyngeal swab sample allows testing at point-of-care, saving crucial time
  • Should be conducted by a qualified/trained appointee
  • Independent trials show that OnSite® is world leading when it comes to accuracy

How the test works

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What is the OnSite® Rapid Test kit?

This test is intended to be used by healthcare professionals to aid in the diagnosis of individuals who currently have the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the virus which causes COVID-19 disease.

How long does a test take?

The results are available in between 10 - 15 minutes.

What is in each kit?

Each kit provides 20 Individual test cassettes, swabs, mixing tubes and buffer fluid.

Are the tests reliable and accurate?

The OnSite® Rapid Test is one of the most reliable COVID-19 antigen detection assessments available.

How does it work?

A simple nasopharyngeal swab test with gets mixed with 10 small drops of the buffer fluid in a small mixing tube. This combined fluid will then be pipetted into the cassette which will then seep up the centre of the cassette.

What happens if a test doesn’t work?

The manufacturer warrants that the product, if handled and stored in compliance with the product Label, will be free from defects in design, materials, manufacture and functionality from the applicable manufacture date until the applicable expiration date. Products that do not comply with the warranty shall be either (a) promptly replaced such or (b) promptly refund the price received by for such Products.

What is the test looking for?

The “C” line is the control to make sure the test works properly. First, check the “C” Line and if this does not develop, the test result is invalid and should be thrown away. The test should be performed again with another rapid test. There is test lines antigens which needs to be visible for a positive result. The antigens in the patients' swab will bind to the antigens on the test strip, leaving a visible test line. If the patient doesn’t have COVID-19, no biomarkers should be present in their sample and no test line will be visible.

Do you need a doctor to administer the test?

The tests can be administered by qualified clinicians and those with appropriate medical training.

What is the delivery time?

Despite the overwhelming global demand, we have a highly professional manufacturing and distributor network. Delivery time can be also dependent on quantities order and we may suggest partial deliveries over a scheduled time, especially for significant order sizes. We are currently working to a 3-week lead time.